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Due to the pandemic, Morrison Clinic has converted to 100% virtual appointments so you can be seen from the safety of your own home.

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Amy's expertise lies in her ability to connect to her patients by seeing them as individuals and recognizing the beauty of how each person handles adversity differently.  This is why she finds it very important to spend time to better understand the difficulties each client is facing, which often leads to unearthing the root cause of their illness that had been undetected by other clinicians for years.

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Morrison Clinic accepts clients without insurance and is also in network with the following PPOS: United Health Care, Aetna, Blue Cross, and Cigna. We cater to your busy schedule by being flexible with ours and offer lunch time appointments three days a week. We are accepting new patients with non-urgent medical needs. To schedule a new patient appointment visit

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depression treatment with therapy image

The Importance of Therapy in the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

    Learning how to cope with stress is a very important part of your recovery from depression and anxiety.   In fact, people who do not suffer from depression and anxiety will have better physical health if they cope with stress well.    Stress is known to play a role in worsening your health.  Therapy […]

Less is More Challenge laundry

The ADHD Less is More Challenge: Take the Stress out of Parenting a Child with ADHD

  As a mother of 2 children with ADHD I am constantly battling the clutter they leave behind as they tear through the house. Piles of junk cumulate in the corners of their bedrooms.  Abandoned toys gather in every room of  the house.    Missing socks find themselves under bookshelves, beds, and couches.    Hoards of […]