Computerized Psychological Testing

Computerized pscyhological testing at the Morrison Clinic

Computerized Psychological Testing Overview

Computerized psychological testing allows a more objective approach to diagnosing and treating mental health illnesses.  These standardized tests have been proven to be helpful in the diagnosis of psychiatric illnesses.  They are also recommended for use with monitoring response to treatment and for screening purposes.  These tests afford your clinician a better understanding of your struggles and the impact it might have on your daily activities.

What is Computerized Psychological Testing?

Computerized psychological testing includes  brief standardized tests that the patient completes in the lobby on a tablet.  They are fast and easy to complete.  The results are a very useful aid for diagnosing psychiatric illnesses.  Furthermore, computerized psychological testing provides objective data which we use to determine response to treatment.  At the Morrison Clinic, we compile your data in order to track your symptoms over time.  This invaluable resource allows us to track improvements or worsening in yours symptoms.  Accordingly as we adjust medications or as you experience the ups and downs in your life we will be closely following your reaction to these changes.   By in large, this wealth of data also allows us to determine if you have worsening of your mood or anxiety at certain times of the year.

What kind of Computerized Psychological Testing is available?

The Morrison Clinic provides routine computerized psychological testing and screening for ADHD, depression, anxiety, mania, post traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, and/or obsessive compulsive disorder at each appointment.   However, your clinician might also obtain more detailed psychological testing for substance abuse, trauma, mood disorders, eating disorders, and/or work stress.  Typically your clinician will administer these additional tests during your appointment.

A quick recap of current Computerized Psychological Screening Testing available at the Morrison Clinic:

Is Computerized Psychological Testing Necessary?

First and foremost, the Morrison Clinic only uses validated computerized psychological testing.   Our tests are an effective to aid in the diagnosis of psychiatric illnesses.  Throughout your time at Morrison Clinic, we will administer  several different types of computerized psychological tests in order to explore your symptoms in different settings.  Furthermore, depending on your circumstances we might even administer multiple tests  during one appointment.

At the Morrison clinic, we take the time to gather as much information as we can at each visit in order to better meet your needs.  These quick assessment tools are one of the many ways we dig deeper to find the right diagnosis.   As a result, the data gained from computerized psychological testing allows us to track your progress.  Above all, the data provides insight to the need to adjust your treatment plan when you are not seeing the results you deserve.  This attention to detail is the foundation of the The Morrison Clinic Difference.

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