Adult ADHD Amy Morrison

ADHD in Adults: An Expert’s Explanation

What is ADHD? The prefrontal cortex , located right behind your forehead, does not function well when you have ADHD.  You can think of it as your filter.   It filters out stimulus in your environment so that you can focus on one thing at time.  For people that don’t have ADHD this part of the brain filters out background noise […]

Less is More Challenge laundry

The ADHD Less is More Challenge: Take the Stress out of Parenting a Child with ADHD

  As a mother of 2 children with ADHD I am constantly battling the clutter they leave behind as they tear through the house. Piles of junk cumulate in the corners of their bedrooms.  Abandoned toys gather in every room of  the house.    Missing socks find themselves under bookshelves, beds, and couches.    Hoards of […]