Prescription Refills


I make every effort to give you a prescription at your appointments with enough refills to last you until your next follow up.   If you have an unforeseen emergency that requires you to change your follow up appointment, make sure to reschedule your appointment within 2 weeks.  After you have scheduled your appointment use the google triage form to complete your prescription processing request.    

Triage Form




You should not need an additional prescription in between your appointments, as your clinician makes every attempt to prescribe enough medication to last until your next follow up.  Before requesting a new prescription go to to see the date of scripts were sent to the pharmacy and consult your notes for the fill dates the clinician gave you at the last appointment.  Rad through the important details on processing ADHd prescriptions and if you determine you need a new prescription request it using the following form:

Triage Form


  1. ADHD prescriptions cannot be refilled by fax or by a phone.  Refills cannot be put on a prescription.  You must  have an original prescription each month unless your prescription was for a 90 day supply.
  2. In order to dispense “refills” you must have an original prescription for each month.
  3. ADHD medications expire on the 21st day after the script was written unless they have a fill date.  If there is a fill date then the prescription will expire on the 21st day after the fill date.
  4. You are able to refill any prescription that has met its fill date but has not gone 20 days  past the fill date.
  5. Once we decide to extend the time in between your appointments past a month, we will e-scribe multiple prescriptions to your pharmacy that will last you until your next appointment.  This will not extend 3 months.  Each prescription will be dated the day it was e-scribed.   You will have one script for each month that you will need a refill.  The fill date will indicate the day that your pharmacy can fill the prescription and dispense the medication to you.
  6. It is your pharmacy’s responsibility to be organized and capable of finding these prescriptions in their system.  Since this medication is highly controlled we will not be able to resend a prescription until a pharmacy staff member calls our office and states that they do not have a prescription on file.   Since you do not work at the pharmacy,  you are not capable of  knowing that a prescription is not in their system.   If a pharmacy tech were to tell you that your prescription could not be found and then filled that prescription under your name and sold the medication on the street then the DEA would be knocking on your door with some questions.   Do not allow the pharmacy to put you in a potentially compromising position.  Insist that the pharmacy call our office and leave us a message stating they could not find your prescription.
  7.   REMEMBER:  It is not your responsibility to work their system to get your medication filled.  It is their responsibility to be organized, efficient, and detailed so that they can provide good customer to a paying customer.   The pharmacy should be communicating directly with our office if they are having any difficulties processing your prescription.  If you have any difficulties with customer service then only deal directly with the pharmacist or the manager.  If needed print out one of our information sheets and give it to the PHARMACIST.  If you are in the pharmacy then advise them that you will wait while they contact our office.  If you are calling the pharmacy ask them when you should call back to verify that they have contacted our office.   Be kind but firm.  For more information with specific step by step details on common scenarios read below.


PRIOR to your medical appointment:

  • Ensure your appointment is scheduled at least a week before you run out of medication.
  • Call your pharmacy and verify that they have your medication in stock.
  • While on the phone with your write down how many refills you have remaining AND the last date the pharmacy filled each of your medications.
  • Bookmark your insurance website on your phone, create a user login, and be familiar with how to look up the cost and coverage of a medication.

DURING your medical appointment:

  • Ask your clinician to update your preferred pharmacy in your profile if you would like to change your pharmacy.
  • Use your phone and bookmarked insurance website to determine cost of medication before it is prescribed.
  • Use your phone and bookmarked insurance website to determine insurance coverage for your medication as medication prior authorization paperwork will only be done during a scheduled medical appointment.
  • Alert your clinician if there needs to be a change to your prescription fill dates due to travel.
  • Alert your clinician if you would like your prescriptions to be dispensed as a 90 day supply.
  • Write down the fill dates that are being put on your prescriptions

BETWEEN your medical appointments:

  • Set reminders for 5 days prior to when you will need a refill or 5 days prior to your prescription fill date that reminds you to call the pharmacy and ask them to start processing your prescription refill that they have on file.
  • If the pharmacy is unable to locate a prescription use the google triage form for step by step instructions on how to help them locate it.   

Furthermore, we highly recommend you use a low volume pharmacy whose business model is geared towards taking good care of patients and not running patients through as fast as possible.  Click on the button below for a list of pharmacies that have a reputation for providing better customer care:

 C2 Friendly Pharmacies