How Well Do You Know Yourself?

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by Amy Morrison, Medical Director of Psychiatry at the Morrison Clinic

Journaling is a great way to process the world around you and your own thoughts.  However, many people find it difficult to organize their thoughts.  As they try to put pen to paper they are overwhelmed by the blank page.  I recently wrote an article titled“In My House We Believe in Talking About Emotions.” This article discusses the importance of emotional wellness.  It touches on the importance of being able to connect to and label emotions.  The article contained a lovely visual aid called the emotion wheel that organized both good and bad emotions.   I love this visual aid.  However it can be a little overwhelming.  Spending time getting to know yourself and your emotions can make it easier to use the emotional wheel.

The Emotion Worksheet

I have found this emotion worksheet to be particularly useful.  It is an excellent tool to process feelings and emotions.  With practice and time it will help you learn how to better recognize your emotions.  This worksheet helps you connect the dots to how your feelings connect to your thoughts, body, and behavior.   Sometimes your feelings may be preceded by a behavior change or physical feeling.  This worksheet will help you determine that the behavior or physical feeling was triggered by what you were feeling.

Studying Your Emotions and Your Behavior

Ultimately, observing how an emotion impact your thoughts, your body, and your behavior allows you to lower the intensity of the emotion.  By better understanding how your mind and body react to a certain feeling you will more quickly recognize what you are feeling.  No doubt once you know what you are feeling you will find it easier to cope.

Study Your Good Emotions

Imagine how wonderful this worksheet could be if you also used it describe good emotions.  Instead of blowing past the good feelings you have each day, you could indulge in your good emotions.  If you take this step you will notice an improvement in your overall sense of wellbeing.   Imagine slowing down and diving into the positive feelings you experience in your day.  Wouldn’t life be more fulfilling?   My challenge to you over the next week is to spend a few minutes studying everyday.  Study one good and one bad emotion you experienced.  Try your best not to judge yourself and see what you come up with.  I hope you find it be a rewarding experience.


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