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Amy Morrison Dallas psychiatry imageAmy Morrison has been serving the Dallas psychiatry and neurology community for over 19 years.  She has accumulated a wealth of experience in various settings including inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient.  Amy’s holistic treatment style incorporates more than just medication.  It is her goal that each patient be on the least amount of medication possible.  She prefers to augment medication with healthy lifestyle choices, therapy, and helping clients improve their emotional wellness.   Not only does Amy enjoy taking the time to counsel and educate patient’s about their illness, she also feels it is a vital part of a patient’s treatment.  It is her belief that empowering patients to become emotionally healthy allows them to maintain stability on less medication.  Please take the time to explore our website further and learn more about Amy Morrison’s Treatment approach and our mission.

Services Provided at Morrison Clinic Psychiatry in Dallas

At Morrison Clinic Psychiatry,  we provide a variety of services to meet our patient’s needs.  Due to covid-19 we transitioned all of our services to virtual.  Luckily Morrison Clinic Psychiatry has always embraced technology and minimized patients having to review and discuss their sensitive mental health treatment with other members of our medical staff.   Our digital lobby check in form was easily adapted to the virtual platform, which allows the clinician to start each virtual visit equipped with peritent medical information.   Not relying on a medical assistant to gather this information gives Morrison Clinic patients an extra level of privacy for their mental health medical appointments.   We have always provided state of the art technology that allows patients to schedule appointments online, send HIPPA compliant direct messages to their provider and office staff through the patient portal, and 24/7 access to their electronic medical chart.

Our services include:

Illnesses Treated at The Morrison Clinic Dallas Psychiatry Office

Your new patient appointment with Amy Morrison typically takes an hour.  Most of that time is spent with Amy asking you a lot of questions that will help rule out various psychiatric illnesses.  As she works with you to analyze your issue she will be narrowing the window of possible diagnoses.  Towards the end of your appointment she will discuss your potential diagnosis and additional steps that will need to be taken to help confirm the diagnosis.  This could include blood work, referrals to other medical specialists, input from your family or therapist, or seeing how your symptoms play out over a period of time.   Below is a list of our commonly treated illnesses.

On rare occasions, Amy may determine that you need a clinician who works in both an outpatient and inpatient setting.  This typically occurs in patients who have been recently hospitalized or are at high risk of needing hospitalization.  In those situations, she will likely refer you to a medical provider who can better meet your needs and who offers inpatient and outpatient care.



Amy is great about asking relevant questions, listening intently, and providing specific feedback about my ongoing mental health. She is very professional in the way she views and prescribes medication as just one component in the overall approach to well-being. Scheduling appointments online and checking-in with a simple 2 min survey on a tablet is a huge time-saver. Every other place I've been to runs 30-45 mins late, gives me a stack of papers, sees me for 5 mins, and overprescribes big time.

- Jared in Dallas, TX

Eddie quote

Amy has gone above and beyond! She's very welcoming, extremely easy to talk with, and remarkably knowledgable in Psychiatry. I've been going to her for over 2 years now and she has always shown great interest in her patients. If you or anyone you know are struggling with any mental disorders, I would unequivocally recommend her!


Gena's Quote

"Amy is an extremely intelligent physician assistant. She has years of experience in psychiatry and a breadth of knowledge."

~Gena Nelson, Nurse Practitioner and Owner of The Psychiatric Group in Greenville, TX.

Kelly's Quote

Love Amy! Really thorough, really wise, and really comprehensive in her care/treatment.


Rick's Quote

Amy is awesome.  She really cares and knows so much about medication management.  I highly recommend her.  I used to work with her and have seen first hand the difference she has made in the lives of her patients.

Rick Goudeau Licensed Professional Counselor at Carrollton Springs Changes in Plano

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